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It's *Not* Funny Anymore. Is It Just Me?

Posted by FloweringRose , 24 January 2011 · 68 views

Maybe I am taking everything too seriously.

But I *do* take you date r*ping someone seriously, even if you're a woman.
And when I'm flashbacking like a nutcase about things *I don't understand* I don't want to have someone on top of me, someone making out with me, someone worse touching me or biting me *shudders*
Yes I *am* in a bad mood. Feeling su* slightly...not too bad but really low. And the minute anyone catches whiff of that I'm "being a party pooper" or "a bad attitude" or "you take it all too seriously"

You know, I do take ever calling me stupid seriously, even if it's "a joke". And right now I'm especially hyperaware so you're not going to get a single chuckle out of me. None.

AND JUST BECAUSE I LOVE YOU DO WE REALLY HAVE TO MAKE OUT??? Because that's what you do when I show you the least bit of affection. Then I get hurt or annoyed and you go away. Gah.
I've got too much going in my head to deal with this. I'm tired of everyone in my family, and intimacy. It's not funny ok? It's not welcome to touch me right now ok?

...Not like anyone would listen to me. No my family can go on and on about *my* s*x life in front of family friends, to a point that's way over, and I can't say a thing about theirs? Really? NOT that *I* want to. I just HATE hypocritical behaviour.

I'm so pissed at people -.-"

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