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Crumbling, But Still Here..

Posted by FloweringRose , 20 January 2011 · 52 views

Having trouble doing much of anything other than my volunteering (God bless those wonderful people at the home...)

But I'm doing. I've read all my messages...I think o.o...and I know who I haven't replied to and I will. And I'll go in the SI forum.
But I slipped up again last night...so feel unhappy with myself. Loving that girl in me has not worked right now.
I'm a bit of a mess.

I can't go into details but. I think I might be remembering stuff. Maybe.
Or going psychotic. That could be it too.

Either way,
it's hard to cope with.
I don't sleep much.
I'm exhausted.
I wish my brain would leave me alone.

But if I haven't done something I promise, I'm working on doing it now. I just...feel frozen with everything.

it's a little scary that I feel this exact way at this moment...I love your title, we are both crumbling but still very much here. hang on hang on...
are going psychotic and remembering two distinct events or emeshed somehow...I can't seem to think of one without the other but don't know for sure they are mutally exclusive, at least the remembering part. Anyways, take care.

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