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All Shaky...Afraid of the Inside of Me

Posted by FloweringRose , 13 December 2010 · 63 views

Okay, so hopefully no one gets alienated by the mention of hypnosis. But it's a big part of what I do, so it can't be avoided.

My mom tried to get me to hypnotize a family friend today. All I feel is nervous and jumpy just thinking of it. I have to go into trance to get a good hypnotic state going; and NO I don't feel like going into trance right now!!!

I just feel whiney and a failure for refusing to do the hypnosis.
But I'm so illogically scared...

I'm so scared of what's inside me.
Honestly, I'm f**king shaking of fear, just thinking about it.

I also don't want to dream, to zone out, to think too much. No. None of it!

I don't want to be inside me.
Anywhere but inside me.
I'm afraid if I go there I'm not going to come back out...

I hate feeling like this :( Can't stop shaking

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