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Another Poem

Posted by FloweringRose , 09 February 2009 · 31 views

You have me pinned and life has me pinned
Stuck in all this pain i've been living in...
You still tug at my shirt and you still consume me with your eyes
And when the pain's so bad, I ask God why I'm still alive...
I should've known I wasn't the blessed one
Should've found a way to run
From this life while I could
Now what's there left of all that was once good?
Lost it all to my father
Took the innocence of his own daughter
And the guy she loves, he just laughed
As if that thought was just a gas
Oh my god my head is flying
It seems all I am good for now is crying
What's there beautiful about me?
Where's this strength I really need?
Why me God, are you sure I'm the one?
Who can truly take this on
What's the plan where's this going?
Since I'm so tired of not knowing
Yet having to live through all the verse
Although you might just be playing me a curse
It hurts so bad, why am I so alone?
Why is there to hug and hold, no one?
Why am I such dirt such cretin?
Why do I just feel so BEATEN!
God leave me alone, don't want to talk to you tonight
Since all you've given me is fights...
Just take the buzzing from my head
Lie down beside me quietly my friend

And please tell me it'll all be all right.......
Please tell me the pain will go away tonight....
That it's safe to be touched tonight....

Feb 09 2009 05:36 PM
I love your poety. You are a very good writer :) I hope we get to feeling better soon together. tvgc

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