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Mt First Poem

Posted by FloweringRose , 05 February 2009 · 58 views

I close my eyes to escape it
An image only trapped in my mind
I squint trying to crush it within
But it presses at me in kind
It's nott hat I want to see you,
Far from that I want you to go
You were my greatest curse and my nightmare
But that's why within my darkness you stow...
The pain and luggage you left me,
Bite my lip like you tried to do too
Gasp in slightly like when your weight was upon me
Somehow my skin can remember all of you
The specter that alsted for minutes
The ghost that crawled out of its pit
With bony hands you tugged at my chest
Struggling, pulling my heart out of it
As you tried to gnaw on my fragile lips
What type of fool were you to think I'd want you?
What type of fool to think I want gnashing lips?
Licking to match the flame in your eyes
Pupils possessed by some hell
I'm supposed to look at you with "holy love"
But somehow just your image makes me unwell
The devil in a young boy's eyes
Hell's fury within his desires
even now my hands sprawl in protection
As if still lay upon me consuming me with fire
Please let me go from your trap
The darkness you pulled yourself in
I never was anything but light hearted
What about my body made me deserve this?
A memory more scarring than your scratches
A memory more savage than even your eyes
A memory that makes me cringe around all others
A part of me asking if they'll also grab me from blue skies
I felt death within your hand's caress
It seethed ravenous under my porcelain cheeks
Your hands held onto my neck with decision
Other than for your libido I was nothing to keep
Fragile me almost blue from your ice
Lying limply cold in a bush far from home
The wind hushing over a death gone unnoticed
For some man who just wanted to come
My future almost lay in that grass
Heaving one alst sigh before the release
Scattering dreams within tanglnig up blood
Of mud slowly hardening what was left of me
But somehow I scratched my way out
With heavenly guidance I somehow escaped
And I lived to wipe off mud and see the sun
And hope somehow you DIED from the shame
Lifetimes apart and miles away
I try to tell myself that you're presence is forever gone
But somehow I know this is a little bit of a lie
Since in my heart's stammers you'll forever live on
Once someone innocent is exposed to last breaths..
It's ahrd to hide the fact they should've been stopped...
Or that someone wanted to put themt hat way
It's hard to forget what my naivete cost
So I open my eyes bringing myself back to here
Wishing you far off from my daily frets...
Maybe I'm supposed to forgive you
But I can't as long as your touch I can't forget

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