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my life

Posted by , 28 March 2005 · 72 views

well my life has been kind of hard with all the things that have happend. but i have learned to take things one day at a time and trust in the lord. although i must admit that i feel at times that i can not make, i get flash backs and remember his smell and the room and everything, what the day was like and what we were both wearing. as you might guess i am a victim of rape. i was raped in foster care, a place where i was supposed to be protected and cared for but as you can tell that being cared for and protected did not fall through. i was also was raped by my moms friend i barly knew him and he wanted to drive me home which i didnt protest, but i wish i did and not have to fight for my life. On the bright side though i do love reading and sports and i currently play softball, our team is called the green envy and we literally look like green envy our uniforms are green all the way from our hats to our socks! :P

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