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Posted by JadeAngel , 03 December 2008 · 11 views

I found out yesterday, i'm pregnant. i took 3 of those ept's... one normal and 2 digital. all 3 were positive. i'm going to take a blood test saturday when i get back home *i am currently in the states visiting family*

i'm a bit scared... i'm a bit nervous... i'm really happy... and a bit at a loss. almost like it hasnt completely...


A Series of Unfortunate Events... 4

Posted by JadeAngel , 06 November 2008 · 11 views

continuing again from the previous blog... as i said those next few weeks were really a living hell for me. i spent my sweet 16 amidst police inquiries. i cant recall how many times i was taken in for questioning. embarrassing questions. horrible questions. things i had forced myself to forget. and i almost did. i couldn't give too much detail of anyt...


A Series of Unfortunate Events... 3

Posted by JadeAngel , 06 November 2008 · 15 views

so here in is the information, of why i really am on this site even. everything until this point is how it happened as i was growing up, and i saw things based on the knowledge i had. and until this point i still often times cried myself to sleep, wishing i had my big sister to help me. because i had no one, my mother didn't listen to me... my father...


A Series of Unfortunate Events... 2

Posted by JadeAngel , 06 November 2008 · 12 views

So continuing from my previous blog entry... this is where the darker side starts. When i was 8 or 9 years old (you know anymore these things i cant remember, my memory has gotten quite bad, considering i am only 21 years old) we moved out of the house. until then we had lived in an extended trailer. we had 3 bedrooms, and a kitchen, living room, and den...


A Series of Unfortunate Events

Posted by JadeAngel , 06 November 2008 · 104 views

Well this is my first blog here. Not my first in general, as I've tried opening other blogs but i never seem to end up posting anything. I have a strange fascination with journals, notebooks, and anything with emptiness i can write on. So my husband often gets frustrated at how many dozens of empty notebooks i have bought, yet i never write in. I gues...

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