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I'm pregnant

Posted by JadeAngel , 12 July 2014 · 161 views

I'm pregnant. I found out on june 26th, at exactly 4 weeks. I'm over 6 weeks now. I am so excited and at the same time scared. I have literally lost count of how many friends and family had miscarriages or lost newborn children. So I'm scared and almost feel like it's unreal at this point. I've gotten a few things already because I feel like I'll lose my mind if I don't confirm it for myself somehow. I've been wanting a 2nd child for so long. I want this baby so badly and I've loved it since it was only just a thought, so I'm nervous and trying desperately not to think about the situations of those around me. I've been searching for the perfect classic style teddy bear because I want to get him/her the first teddy. I found a great one yesterday, but the nose was sewn on all funky.

My daughter keeps saying she thinks it will be twins, and my husband keeps teasing that it will be triplets. Oh boy.... I can't wait to see the first ultrasound to confirm it with my own eyes... I can't wait to feel the first kick... and then fight with the baby not to break my ribs like my daughter tried so hard to do. I realized that I am beyond picky about boy names as well. We've had a girl's name picked out since almost as long ago as we started trying for this one, but a boy's name? Well I guess I'm just trying too hard to make the name match my daughter's. I find a reason I dislike every name. I guess I have too many guys that I don't like, which puts me off of similar sounding names >.<

But I'm so happy too... I'm nervously excited, and this is what I've always wanted. With this, our family will be complete <3

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