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On the brighter side

Posted by JadeAngel , 21 September 2010 · 25 views

I know my blogs are always kinda gloomy... I don't tend to write when I'm in a good mood. I write when I'm upset to get it out instead of keeping it in. Happy moments I will gladly keep :)

For a positive change in my typing... my baby has the most beautiful eyes. I look at her and can't believe how gorgeous she is, like did I really create such a beauty? She is so intelligent, such a fast learner. She teaches me new things every day.

My ex and I started talking again and it makes me very happy. He's still the same great guy I knew in school so that makes me smile.

My best friend bought a ticket for me and the baby to fly out to Texas and spend the week with her. Not many people would do that for someone else, she's a good friend.

Bottom line is, while things sometimes get bad... I do feel cared for and that makes me happy. Maybe this sounds odd but it's a new feeling for me... I've always felt cared for but with the idea that it was conditional. I'm realizing that some people care for me unconditionally. I love that.

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