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Is it bound to end? :(

Posted by JadeAngel , 14 September 2010 · 57 views

He makes me feel like it's my fault. When I say anything, he says I just make him look horrible... that everything is his fault and he's the bad guy and he's evil. He says he knows I never do anything wrong (obviously in an annoyed 'yeah right' kinda way). Then I feel like he's trying to turn around anything I say on me. Trying to guilt me into not talking about anything. I don't know how to deal with our problems now. He says he wants to fix things. How can you fix things if you won't listen to what needs to be fixed? I talk to him... I try to be as nice as I can... but every time I try to do that he gets mad and we end up fighting. I'm not heard... he never stops to talk to me if he has a problem with me. He waits until he's so annoyed that he gets mad at me, then there is no talk... just fights. I'm sad. I feel like if he doesn't actually TRY to change things with me instead of saying it, we won't make it. I don't want that. I've been so sad and distracted these last days. To make it worse I only really have 2 people I can talk to about this stuff and I haven't been able to talk to either of them this week. My neighbor also seems obsessed with me lately, she's a 13 yr old girl. I guess she looks up to me so I try to be a good roll model for her... but to tell you the truth she wants to hang around me every day and always talk to me online and I just cant hold up a conversation with a hyper kid that thinks hitting and pinching and such is funny, and she is very careless and loud around the baby even when she is napping (even when I tell her constantly to cool it down). What fun. I hope things get better Posted Image then again I've been hoping that for years.

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