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Moving To My Own Place

Posted by cordeliaVorkosigan , 01 May 2012 · 13 views

I chose a city close to my work that has excellent test scores for thier schools. I found the apartment and now I have been approved to move in. It's a three bedroom and two bathroom apartment on the first floor so it will be easy to move in. The place isn't posh but it does have some amenities. There is a wifi area that I can use till I get on my feet and can have TV and internet installed. There is a fitness center and the machines look maintained. There is also an outdoor pool that will open in the summer. It is a pretty large apartment complex so I am hoping that these amenities are not over crowded. I'm sure there will be peak times that it will be difficult to use them.

I am just feeling so very blessed today.

I've been on relationship fast forward with the new guy. I hope things will calm down when I move away and we see each other on weekends only. I need my distance. I already have a key to his house... With Josh, the guy I was seeing when the home invasion happened, I never gave him a key. We dated for a year before the home invasion so it had nothing to do with my rape. I have just had a very hard life filled with abuse and I do not trust people. The new guy is head over heels for me. I think we have a future. The fact that I am even thinking future tense with this guy is amazing to me.

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