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David's poison

Posted by cordeliaVorkosigan , 27 April 2012 · 13 views

I thought I may finally move forward happily after the nice email I received from David a week ago. He said he cared about me and that the guy i end up with will be lucky to have me, blah. Then on Sunday night he wrote me another email that was nasty. I could tell he was very angry because everything was lowercase, no proper punctuation and a lot of misspelled words. He ranted about how I was like ever other female and he would never trust a woman again. He said I had broke his heart worse than anyone else in his life and he would never speak to me again. He mentioned a guy I was hanging out with and that he "knew" we were together. We are not and there was never any feelings for this guy. So basically, he told me to move on and then when he thought I had, he flipped out and cut all contact. I've been miserable about this since. I think about him every day and he is poisoning my life now. He no longer brings me happiness. I cry over him still and I am sick of it. I'm all twisted up inside and I feel like my brain is defective. I want to be happy with this new guy. He does make me happy as long as I keep David out of my thoughts. David is poisonous to my life. I'm terrified I will never love someone like I love David. Right now I just try to get through the day and get things done I need to do. Next week will be my last week at McDonalds. I'm happy about that. My goal is to find a place for my son and me to live this weekend so that we can get moved in ASAP. We can't stay with a friend for long.

Apr 27 2012 08:12 AM
I am sorry for what you are going through. It isn't fair when people play with our emotions. You deserve so much better.
I'm Sorry for what is happening to you but you got to stay strong :strong: and i know you are Good luck

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