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Casual Sex

Posted by cordeliaVorkosigan , 16 April 2012 · 22 views

Feeling blue today. Just so very tired. Hoping for some good news about the job interview I had last week. I absolutely hate working at McD for min wage. I can't pay rent so how am I ever going to get a place for my son and me? Succumbed to the need to not feel so abandoned and had sex with a friend. I cried afterward because it wasn't the person I love who left me. Well, I've never been one for casual sex. I felt good for only a moment and then just more depressed because it wasn't what I wanted.

I am so sorry to hear how this has left you feeling.

Take care :hug:
I have been there and it hurts very much. Maybe you could spend time pampering yourself when you feel alone. It is suggestion because I heard it helps others. I hope you feel better. :hug: if okay
Sorry you are feeling so down cordelia. Hang in there and stay strong for you and your son :hug:
Apr 17 2012 10:16 AM
Well, the casual encounter was a big mistake. It was a moment of need for myself. The other person has feelings for me so now I feel bad. I was completely honest and said I had nothing to give him. I was in love with someone else. He knew and participated. I cannot babysit another's heart when I need to take gentle care of my own.

Thanks for your thoughts all. Posted Image

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