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An Awakening

Posted by cordeliaVorkosigan , 19 October 2008 · 18 views

When I arrived on my lunch break to give the police a DNA sample I was actually shown into an interrogation room and questioned for three hours. Two detectives turned my world upside down.

I thought the police were trying to catch my rapist. Instead, since my case was not the norm, they were trying to pin it down as an act of someone trying to get attention or someone suffering the side effects of sleeping pills.

I listened to them for three hours tear me to pieces. They said the most vial things and tried to make me believe I was insane and that I had never been attacked.

Evidence they utilized:

1. No new footprints were accounted for outside the door the assailant came through. Truth is my back yard was a common area utilized by many people to walk their dogs. More than 20 people a day walk past my door with their pets. This was completely impossible.

2. I wasn't beat up enough. Truth is I did not struggle. My son was asleep in the room right next door, once I woke up and realized what was happening and that my rapist had a knife, I did whatever he said. All I could think about was not waking my son up so that he would not be killed. I thought for sure I was going to die but I was damned if I was going to do anything to jeopardize my son's life.

3. Victims know their assailants. In fact, I never saw my rapist's face. I was raped from behind and when I was turned over, a pillow was kept on my face. All I know about my assailant is that he was white and very athletic because he was incredibly strong and I saw his muscular arms between instances of him trying to suffocate me by pressing my face into my mattress.

There were several other facts mentioned that made no sense either but in any case, the police were being ridiculous and just wanted to close out my case ASAP to keep their statistics down.

My next message will be about the lead detective's games and lack of communication.

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