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I want to crawl into my new book and live there

Posted by Soulstar , 30 April 2011 · 56 views

it's almost 2am...no where need sleep.
Currently reading "The HOST" by Stephanie Meyer's.
I did do the whole twilight thing but perfect love from an old fashioned vampire no longer holds my interest. I am looking forward to the next movie in her epic Vampire, werewolf, human trilogy.
They even have an other book on the cullen and Blacks and swans that accompanies the trilogy with pic's and more in depth stuff. I used to dream and vow of being a writer. but how do you write about TRAUMA?????????????????????????????????????????????
Bella's TRAUMA was merely being separated from Edward and being slightly less in love at the same time with her best friend Jacob . I haven't read the last two......I'm waiting for the movies......but my bf mac bought me her latest as I mentioned earlier I'd love to crawl inside this one. Desert sunsets, body snatchers, healers, comforter's. I want to know what I'm getting into when I dream......arrrrr...so sad and down and out and f. t. f. t. h. y. and me.


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