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Posted by , 21 May 2005 · 117 views

I have gone "full circle" as my sister put it. Nobody sang for me at work thankgod, so that means I don't have to do shit for anybody else ever again. Well unless I want to of course, but I don't have to feel that obligation.Though, yeah i sort of screwed it up for everybody myself. A couple mths ago it was my friend Marty's 21st birthday and being me I decorated it all as such. My stuff was taken down, apparently my sense of humor about it all was very unprofessional. LOL I don't care. I thought it was funny, both going up and being taken down and one of my managers just laughed when he saw me. So I know they found humor with it too.Oh well. It saves me from ever having to do it again, I went out with a bang, as did my friend, and who the hell cares. It saves me time and pressure and well the memory of every last coworkers bday, I'm happy about that.Yep, so come on 9pm that is when I am done with work today. :D

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