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Soccer Game

Posted by , 15 May 2005 · 72 views

My nieces soccer game was pretty cool. I went, my dad, my sister, my brother inlaw, my nephew Michael, and niece Katie. :) Mikey is such a sweetie pie, its amazing he is the only blond in the family. We all have dark hair or even a bit reddish, but no blonds. He mixes it up with a nice touch and is such a sugar pie. :) Katie, shes darling all herself. I could write and write about those kiddies all day long if allowed to do so. ;)But yeah it was cool, Sarah almost nailed a goal, just missed it by inches. I want her so badly to get one and I hope that her first one is when the entire family is at it. Just so we can go wild for her! :banana: :)Gosh, 7 hours and I am at work. Tomorrow should be interesting. We're an extremely busy at all times place and we are starting something new that can majorly effect the entire day. Yay for stress! :oo: So come on tomorrow at 3:30 so I can go home, then do it again the same hours the next day. But after that, 2 off! :D Enough from me....

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