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Once Upon A Time

Be safe **T**

Posted by , 07 June 2005 · 140 views

Lotsa swearing and other stuff going on here, be safe if you choose to read. I've been online for the past two hours, I have some sort of drive. i always get this drive every few mths, I just wish I could find a picture of him. I have searched, I have rechanged the search, I found registries, I found warrants, I may have finally figured out his midd...

Zizzo's Challenge

Posted by , 27 May 2005 · 176 views

Zizzo's Challenge This is a fun game :)


Posted by , 21 May 2005 · 146 views

I have gone "full circle" as my sister put it. Nobody sang for me at work thankgod, so that means I don't have to do shit for anybody else ever again. Well unless I want to of course, but I don't have to feel that obligation.Though, yeah i sort of screwed it up for everybody myself. A couple mths ago it was my friend Marty's 21st birth...

My wkend

Posted by , 20 May 2005 · 158 views

What a day so far. I just rolled out of bed and now today is my mom's birthday, never ending birthday madness in my house let me tell ya. Didn't do way too much on my birthday yesterday because as a family we will be celebrating all 4 of them on Sunday. Just imagine singing happy birthday 4 times back to back. :oo: My niece Katie is ultra-sensiti...


Posted by , 19 May 2005 · 144 views

Star wars was awesome!!! :D Go see it if you are a fan, shit if your not a fan go rent them all then go see it, its worth it!! :)It was so freaking crowded. At some point while trying to get into the actual theatre we were in this corridor, h holy clausterphobia! My brother most of heard my breathing switch up because he asked me...

25 mins

Posted by , 18 May 2005 · 71 views

30 mins until I leave the house to go see Star wars, the new one. Between you all and me I think I myself would have prefered a show tomorrow evening, not midnight. But my brother really wants to be one of the first ppl in the world to see it so here I am waiting to leave. I don't go to the movies that much, I don't know. The darkness, the silence...

my monitor is dying

Posted by , 18 May 2005 · 68 views

oh my gosh, my monitor seems to be dying on my comp. shoot, ill be back soon i guess. it just went really small, ithis is a weird blog entry. But until i get a new monitor i will not be around. hugs to all. :hug: :hug: :hug:

Two days off =)

Posted by , 17 May 2005 · 80 views

Yay, I have two whole days off. I am so happy, well its actually 2 1/2 days, I don't work until Friday night at 3:30. God help me, I hope my coworkers don't embarress the hell out of me. :P Tomorrow night at 12:01 am I am going to see Star Wars with my two brothers. We have gone together since they first started coming out. It kind of a traditi...

Soccer Game

Posted by , 15 May 2005 · 71 views

My nieces soccer game was pretty cool. I went, my dad, my sister, my brother inlaw, my nephew Michael, and niece Katie. :) Mikey is such a sweetie pie, its amazing he is the only blond in the family. We all have dark hair or even a bit reddish, but no blonds. He mixes it up with a nice touch and is such a sugar pie. :) Katie, shes darling all herself. I c...

Talking myself to sleep

Posted by , 14 May 2005 · 72 views

I am whooped. I'm sitting here trying to work on something and dozing at the same time. I guess that means I should probally hit the hay huh? I hate being tired when I am in the middle of something. I'm working on fumes here though, I only was able to get in maybe 2 hours of sleep last night. I woke up this morning and my gosh, it felt like I just...

A lil ramble with a happy ending

Posted by , 12 May 2005 · 69 views

I wa thinking about this yesterday, somedays man I could probally easily dislike myself. I'm so irritated with myself lately or atleast anymore. Its like I know the things I have to do, I know the things I must get done and I either do not have the cash to pay for them or I am afraid to go through with them. I figure if I describe each thing as them t...

All Cried Out

Posted by , 11 May 2005 · 84 views

All Cried Out by Allure & 112

When We're Alone, We Can Dance

Posted by , 09 May 2005 · 74 views

I just thought this was nice to read... :) The cruise ship was crowded with people off for three days of pleasure. Ahead of me in the passageway walked a tiny woman in brown slacks, her shoulders hunched, her white hair cut in a bob.From the ship's intercom came a familiar tune - "Begin the Beguine." And suddenly a wonderful thing happened....


Posted by , 09 May 2005 · 80 views

Beautiful by Christina Aguilera

Fire in the neighborhood

Posted by , 08 May 2005 · 68 views

There is nothing worse than waking up and your entire house being fulled of smoke and yet you crave a ciggie. :blush: We can't even go outside, the entire sky is black and the smog in the area is a bit much.Hopefully whomever that lived there was able to get out?

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