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The Wish

Posted by heaeliper , 04 March 2013 · 140 views

I wish you strength of a mountain.
Strength to fight
strength to stay true to yourself
strength to not let this destroy you
strength to find your inner purpose
Strength to carry on

I wish you the hope of a child.
hope for a future
hope for recovery
hope for safety
hope for well and whole

I wish you love deep enough to fill the oceans
love from yourself
love from others
love from a strangers kindness
love in spite of your history

I wish you comfort of a blanket
comfort to acknowledge your feelings
comfort to accept them as valid
comfort to not feel lonely
comfort to receive help
comfort to become fearless
comfort enough to let your inner beauty shine.

I wish you patience
patience to deal with life
patience to know your journey is a long one
patience to push forward through setbacks
patience to accept the confusion of those close to you
patience to heal with every tear.

I wish you these things because you deserve them for you are beautiful, strong, loved, and because someone along the way didn't believe that about you.

Take gentle care.

Important information

While it is true that I am a licensed psychologist, I am here as a survivor, I do not work for pandys and anything I say should be taken as advice from a survivor and not that of a professional psychologist. Please refer to the crisis information within the site and know that everyone heals differently.

I do not wish to offend anyone reading my blog, however sometimes I cannot express my view by filtering my entries. Please read everything in my blog with care. Please know that I support all of you and I wish you well on your path to well and whole.

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