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The Ex and His Test(could T for general drama)

Posted by heaeliper , 28 February 2013 · 152 views

My ex husband and I were married for 13 years when on the day of my Grad School Graduation (which he skipped) I walked in on him and another woman in the most compromising of positions. I had quit smoking four years earlier. That ended that day. I decided smoking was better than running them over with my car.

Anyway, the state I live in requires a couple to be separated for 12 months prior to finalizing a divorce. Also, adultery is punitive in this state. Anyway, the judge awarded me spousal support on the grounds that he cheated and abandoned the marriage when he moved out of state with no warning. We have no children (so glad I decided we should not enter the world of parenting) I don't know why but I had a feeling early on that he just was not father material. I didn't think he would deal well with the sacrifices that come with being a parent.

Well today his attorney informed me that I will need to testify in family court to the nature of my PTSD and the R as my ex is using it as a reason not to have to pay the spousal support. He is claiming that my PTSD related to the R (which he knew about from the start and which happened when I was 13) were the underlying cause of the divorce so he should not have to pay.

Now I don't normally try to guess motives but since I devoted 15 years of my life to this man I am making an exception:

He is betting I won't have the courage to get on the stand and discuss this in family court. I did this twice in criminal court so to this I say bring it test me all you want.

He is betting I will say forget it I just want it to be over. Which I do but he is forgetting how stubborn I am when made angry.

I loathe drama and he knows that but after cheating I didn't think he could have cut me deeper. Well this stunt is his new low. But it is all good because it just solidifies my determination to move on and be a better well person.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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