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You cannot cure Crazy! (could T read with care)

Posted by heaeliper , 02 February 2013 · 38 views

I have many siblings and many of their kids are reaching the age of going off to college. My siblings want me to share my story with them as a way of knowing that sometimes things happen when people are just minding their business. I have no problem doing this for them as I love my family.

I am a little frustrated with his family as they keep contacting me (even 22 years later). At some point they should really learn about boundaries. At any rate my general feeling is this: Why do people think survivors want to know how their R affected them. I mean everyone from my family members to general acquaintances to even his family have wanted to inform me how what happened to me affected them. This does not help with recovery at all and serves no purpose for the survivor other than future torment.

Feb 03 2013 04:23 PM
I totally agree with you. Survivors should not have to deal with this, the affect on survivor as well as others is the fault of the rapist so if they want to tell someone about it, they should tell the rapist.

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While it is true that I am a licensed psychologist, I am here as a survivor, I do not work for pandys and anything I say should be taken as advice from a survivor and not that of a professional psychologist. Please refer to the crisis information within the site and know that everyone heals differently.

I do not wish to offend anyone reading my blog, however sometimes I cannot express my view by filtering my entries. Please read everything in my blog with care. Please know that I support all of you and I wish you well on your path to well and whole.

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