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His Second Victim's Story...(T warning) Please read with care

Posted by heaeliper , 23 January 2013 · 26 views

It has been almost two weeks since his second victim took her and her young son's lives in a tragic and horrific way. I contemplated flying home for the funeral but decided that this would not be fair to her family as all I would remind them of is what happened to her. I call her a victim because she never got to well and whole. I sent flowers anonymously to the wake but that does not seem to be a fitting tribute. So as best as I can based on our many conversations over the years I will tell the story she was not able to tell. Please if you are considering suicide (don't do it) Please reach out and seek help.

For the purposes of this story we will call her Mandy

On a summer day in 96 mandy was 17 and going to pick up her younger brother from his football practice. Mandy got to the park and her brother came to the car and said the coach (we will call him Max) wanted to take them to dinner. Mandy was in charge of dinner that night as her parents were both working until 8. So she agreed to go to dinner with max. She followed in her car to a local pizza parlor. Her aunt was there and her younger brother decided to go home with her. Mandy said goodbye after the meal and went to her car. About a half a mile away from the parlor her car broke down. Max pulled up behind her and stopped. She thought this was odd because he lived the other direction but she was glad he was there.

Max told her to pop the hood. he raised the hood and when Mandy came out of the car he grabbed her and applied pressure to her carotid artery causing her to pass out. He then raped her and used a hacksaw to cut her foot nearly off. She would walk with a limp for the rest of her life.

His trial was nearly a year and a half later and she was shocked to learn he had another victim. The DA had flown her out from the east coast to testify. He was found guilty and sent to prison where he later died.

Mandy tried to go on with life dropping out of college several times she married an abusive spouse after an unplanned pregnancy. Her son was her life and he became her power to fight on. She suffered from panic attacks and PTSD and depression. She divorced a year after her marriage began and took her son with her.

She tried to fight for four more years after her divorce but succumbed to the urge to end her life. I don't know and cannot fathom the reason she took her young son's life as well but she did.

I thank you for allowing me to share this and I hope that where ever she is in the universe Mandy believes this was a fitting tribute. She will be missed as she never fully realized how special of a person she was.

Please take gentle care.

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I do not wish to offend anyone reading my blog, however sometimes I cannot express my view by filtering my entries. Please read everything in my blog with care. Please know that I support all of you and I wish you well on your path to well and whole.

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