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And the roller coaster continues....

Posted by heaeliper , 24 November 2009 · 50 views

It has been an incredibly long time since I posted an entry. I have no reason for this so I will not give an excuse. :blush: The last few months have been tough when it comes to the PTSD due to the rape. I am more sensitive to triggers, my depression is a roller coaster - loops and all, and my self-esteem and confidence tanks are on empty. I have given it a lot of thought about why and I am taking steps to address these things. First I found a new counselor - who specializes in Sexual Violence PTSD and that seems to be going well. I did want to get some comments about my logic on why the PTSD and insomnia is worse. Or just an opinion in general.

First, a little background, married 11 years, no kids, rape was in 1991 when I was 13, live in a super small town, grew up in a super big city, rape was nationally covered, as well as the trial that followed, oh and I am pretty much past crazy.

I think the symptoms that I am going through are because he died. At first I was mad, I mean how come he gets to die and I still have to deal with his crime? I guess some people just get to take the easy way out. But now that it has been like a year, I think I am reacting to the fact that he is dead. Let me explain, for so long he was the reason why I couldn't do things, and he was the reason why my life was not where I wanted it to be, and it was that rape that made me crazy, and the rape made it so I couldn't sleep, and the rape was why my sex life is the way it is. For so long that idea kept me going to a job, and school, and to the store, and living my daily life. Now, he is dead! So that means that I have no one else to blame, no one thing to look at, my failures are now my own again. The thought scares the BLEEP out of me. I do not know if there is any validity to this idea or if it is just part of my crazy. It is an interesting and new idea though.

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