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The Ex and His Test(could T for general drama)

Posted by heaeliper , 28 February 2013 · 150 views

My ex husband and I were married for 13 years when on the day of my Grad School Graduation (which he skipped) I walked in on him and another woman in the most compromising of positions. I had quit smoking four years earlier. That ended that day. I decided smoking was better than running them over with my car.

Anyway, the state I live in requires a coup...


A leg up or a inability to accept help?

Posted by heaeliper , 27 February 2013 · 110 views

So I am about two years out of a divorce. I was married for over 13 years and I have worked hard on owning my faults in it. (I am not a woman who believes any relationship is all one person's fault) Even if just sticking around is the fault there is blame on both sides. Anyway, this week has been hard emotionally. I had a doctor's appointment that...


Labels (Could T please read with care)

Posted by heaeliper , 24 February 2013 · 122 views

I friend of mine who does not know about the R is feeling down and hung up on labels so I thought I would remind myself of mine.

My labels

Generation X
College Grad
Grad school Grad
ex wife



Because it bears repeating....

Posted by heaeliper , 21 February 2013 · 83 views

Because it bears repeating...
I am beautiful
I am strong
I am in control
I am loved

Because it bears repeating....
His sins are his
My sins are mine
He stole my innocence
He violated my soul but could not take my spirit

Because it bears repeating...
He tried to break me
He only left me bent
He shattered my dreams
So I made new ones
He shook my fou...


Happy Birthday Matt (If Only) Could T Read With Care

Posted by heaeliper , 19 February 2013 · 98 views

Matt was a smart kid, he was good in school, attentive to friends, and the only thing he loved more than baseball was his family. He dreamed of growing up, going to LSU and being successful in baseball or in the field of science,.. Today is Matt's 34th birthday and there is no doubt in my mind that Matt would be living his dream in the field of scienc...


The Pain

Posted by heaeliper , 16 February 2013 · 74 views

Its a constant battle between pain and healing. The pain swallows you up and it would be so tempting to use medicinal means to back it off by feeling numb. Its the external memories the internal heartache the mind games the struggle to regain control. Often just a little self medication is so tempting. Then you think about the anger that life causes from...


You cannot cure Crazy! (could T read with care)

Posted by heaeliper , 02 February 2013 · 72 views

I have many siblings and many of their kids are reaching the age of going off to college. My siblings want me to share my story with them as a way of knowing that sometimes things happen when people are just minding their business. I have no problem doing this for them as I love my family.

I am a little frustrated with his family as they keep contacting...

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