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Entries in October 2014
26 Oct So, what happened when I first tried Sensate Focus *TW* CSA, Swearing 7 Comments
25 Oct Healing 3 Comments
24 Oct And so the anger rises *TW* sex 5 Comments
21 Oct Wrestling with faith *TW* CSA 1 Comments
16 Oct Exploiting the loopholes *TW* Sui, CSA (and probably swearing and maybe SH too) 6 Comments
15 Oct The Child with my birth name *TW* CSA Sui SH 8 Comments
11 Oct Poem of hope and love for my T 1 Comments
09 Oct Todays T. *TW* CSA, Rape,Swearing 9 Comments
07 Oct *TW* Swearing. Transference issues in therapy. Again. 12 Comments
04 Oct My story, part 3 MASSIVE *TW* graphic CSA, swearing 6 Comments
04 Oct Whose feelings are these anyway? *TW* CSA (mild) 13 Comments
Entries in September 2014
28 Sep My Story Part 2 *TW* rape etc. Seriously, don't read if vulnerable 10 Comments
27 Sep My Story *TW* rape etc. Seriously, don't read if vulnerable 19 Comments
25 Sep Little girl lost *TW* rape, CSA, porn 11 Comments
22 Sep The Darkness *TW* Sui 7 Comments
21 Sep Letter to T *TW* CSA, SH, Swearing 16 Comments
16 Sep T and my anger *TW* Rape, violence, swearing, SH 9 Comments
14 Sep *TW* CSA, swearing, for sure, violence. Rage. Anger. 6 Comments
12 Sep Opening the box. Closing the box. Box bursts open. *TW* SH, CSA, swearing 11 Comments
10 Sep The vulnerability exposed by needing my T. *TW* swearing, SH 4 Comments
08 Sep One step closer to healing *TW* CSA 6 Comments
04 Sep What is 'normal' anyway? *TW*CSA, swearing 6 Comments
01 Sep Family triggers and Therapy paradox *TW* CSA, SH, swearing 11 Comments
Entries in August 2014
29 Aug Letter to my T *TW* CSA, Sui 3 Comments
24 Aug Poem for my T. *TW* Sui 5 Comments
23 Aug Pain. *TW* CSA and a possible self pity party. 3 Comments
22 Aug Post T hell. *TW* CSA 5 Comments
20 Aug My very odd relationship with food. *TW* ED, poss CSA 5 Comments
17 Aug Two poems for my T. *TW* dissociation 5 Comments
15 Aug The 'click' in my soul as my child and I become one 1 Comments
09 Aug My house of Mand's *TW* CSA, SUI, SH 7 Comments
05 Aug Brief Hello and 'where I'm at' :) *TW* religion, CSA 6 Comments
Entries in July 2014
17 Jul I love you all, I wish you well, I thank you all *TW* just about anything 0 Comments
12 Jul And so the penny drops *TW* CSA, sex 11 Comments
11 Jul Post T *TW* Swearing, CSA, Sex 11 Comments
09 Jul Therapy, control, past and present. *TW* CSA, ED,SH, SUI 7 Comments
09 Jul Erotic Transference in Therapy. *TW* swearing and CSA 5 Comments
05 Jul Yes, My T Really Does Know What She's Doing! 8 Comments
04 Jul My house of Mand's *TW* CSA 7 Comments
03 Jul Therapy- not what I was expecting *TW* SH 10 Comments
02 Jul Conversations with my Whore Child. *TW* CSA, swearing 6 Comments
01 Jul My T, can't wait to see her! And dissociation reducing during intimacy. *TW* Sexual intimacy 5 Comments
Entries in June 2014
30 Jun Poems again- my major release at the moment it seems! *TW* SUI, swearing, bullying 7 Comments
29 Jun Shame and therapy 10 Comments
28 Jun Poems- two from yesterday *TW* CSA edited to add one from today 6 Comments
27 Jun Weak and strong- the dichotomy within *TW* alcohol abuse, sex, SH 14 Comments
26 Jun *TW* CSA 9 Comments
24 Jun Managing without my T. Possible *TW* for anything 10 Comments
22 Jun Disclosing to an old friend and the release of tears 13 Comments
21 Jun Today's Strength and it's connection to assertiveness - *TW* sexual acts 7 Comments

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