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Learning not to Remember


Entries in April 2014
21 Apr A scary realization 2 Comments
18 Apr T wasn't even quite sure what happened 7 Comments
17 Apr Therapy tomorrow. What am I going to do? 2 Comments
16 Apr So Tired... and Childlike 3 Comments
13 Apr Hardly even time to think 0 Comments
08 Apr Aahhh, what am I going to do? 4 Comments
06 Apr Sitting with it 1 Comments
02 Apr The irony of it all! 3 Comments
02 Apr I'm quite proud of myself today! 0 Comments
Entries in March 2014
31 Mar Lots and lots of analysis 0 Comments
30 Mar Connecting emotion, thought and dreams 4 Comments
29 Mar Absolutely wiped out. Absolutely and completely. 2 Comments
27 Mar I have never been afraid of the Dentist. Or the Doctor! 0 Comments
23 Mar Sunshine and Volleyballs 3 Comments
21 Mar Too many unknowns 0 Comments
21 Mar The pain 0 Comments
18 Mar T tomorrow, after the fatal letter... 3 Comments
13 Mar It was all fine! 1 Comments
08 Mar The waves just keep coming 4 Comments
03 Mar Current State of the Union 1 Comments
03 Mar Rather pissed at doc right now 5 Comments
01 Mar How, and Why? I need to get this all out 4 Comments
Entries in February 2014
27 Feb Ups and Downs 1 Comments
24 Feb It's Done. Finally 0 Comments
22 Feb Confusion, regret, shame and anger 2 Comments
18 Feb The PAIN 0 Comments
17 Feb Ughh... I needed an extra session after all. 0 Comments
17 Feb Reflections 0 Comments
16 Feb Nobody hurts my darling girl! 0 Comments
15 Feb I don't want to talk about that 0 Comments
14 Feb I feel so needy and pathetic 0 Comments
13 Feb T today...and my emotional rollercoaster 0 Comments
11 Feb Medical Professionals 0 Comments
10 Feb Writing and writing 0 Comments
06 Feb A tribute of gratefulness 0 Comments
06 Feb I keep regressing 0 Comments
05 Feb I feel like I'm just getting worse 0 Comments
03 Feb What a weekend....Glad it's over 3 Comments
01 Feb Seeing a Psychiatrist 0 Comments
Entries in January 2014
30 Jan So yeah. I have no idea what is going on. 3 Comments
16 Jan Randomly amazing day 0 Comments
07 Jan narrative? 2 Comments
06 Jan -Whew- 1 Comments
Entries in December 2013
30 Dec Well, it's official 0 Comments
23 Dec STILL struggling with PT 2 Comments
14 Dec This woman is extremely brave 0 Comments
12 Dec Dropped T 2 Comments
07 Dec A week full of triggers and depression 0 Comments
Entries in November 2013
26 Nov -whew- I didn't know that re-living was worse than the original! 3 Comments
23 Nov The switch 1 Comments

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