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The Wonderland Years


Entries in July 2016
19 Jul um. so i did it. from: july 9 0 Comments
19 Jul um. evan stuff. from: june 27 0 Comments
19 Jul 'i don't care how much you love him' - evan. from: june 20 0 Comments
19 Jul it was nice/remember everything. from: june 8 0 Comments
Entries in June 2016
19 Jun all children grow up 0 Comments
19 Jun other things about that summer. 0 Comments
19 Jun ali and the milkshakes. rape correlation. 0 Comments
07 Jun my part in all this. 0 Comments
07 Jun of course i'm doing 'well'! 0 Comments
06 Jun naked. 0 Comments
06 Jun park. bench. distanc. us. 0 Comments
06 Jun mrs. santa claus 0 Comments
06 Jun things i'll miss. 0 Comments
05 Jun Lee. purpose. evan. ok i edited it. 1 Comments
05 Jun don't cry for me argentina 0 Comments
05 Jun think it's time/not a big crier 0 Comments
05 Jun well..... 0 Comments
04 Jun the only thing different the only thing new......... 0 Comments
04 Jun i don't wanna break your heart give your heart a break 0 Comments
04 Jun the future. 0 Comments
04 Jun homeward bound i wish i was....... 0 Comments
03 Jun once told me.........and no. and loyalty. and leos. and...... 0 Comments
03 Jun compassion wonderment. and here we are. 0 Comments
03 Jun reviews. no not actual ones. 0 Comments
03 Jun well....... 0 Comments
03 Jun brothers. 0 Comments
01 Jun happiness hits her, like a train on a track. coming toward her no turning back.........she hid under water and she hid under stairs 0 Comments
01 Jun 'i'm tired of having a relationship w/ your answering machine!' 0 Comments
01 Jun say something i'm giving up on you. 0 Comments
01 Jun one of those women who........ 0 Comments
01 Jun i had a dream my life could be. so different from this hell i'm living 0 Comments
Entries in May 2016
30 May don't stand in the doorway don't block up the hall. there's a battle outside and it's raging. for the times....... 0 Comments
30 May maybe someday but not *to*-day. there's a place for us..........somehow some way. some day........ 1 Comments
30 May it's a shame that the friendship had to end. ...... . purple rain purple rain........../say something i'm giving up on you 0 Comments
29 May bad romance/i will always love you 0 Comments
29 May she's got you. 0 Comments
28 May when i climb the stairs and turn the key. please be there.........still in love w/ me. [as it were. i hope] 0 Comments
28 May i'm not a plant. well. neither is he. 0 Comments
28 May and when it ends it ends, in tears. 0 Comments
28 May i don't believe people. and i don't want to. 5 Comments
25 May they say don't give up on people cause they're all we've got. 0 Comments
25 May yeah but as sick as i get......... [ED content no details] 0 Comments
25 May afloat. nothin wrong w/ that. 0 Comments
25 May i........ 0 Comments
Entries in April 2016
09 Apr sleep, again. [mentions drinking] 0 Comments
08 Apr food is too much. 0 Comments
08 Apr but i can't go back to who i was yesterday bc i was a different person then. 0 Comments
08 Apr maybe it was safer not to tell.and maybe it still is.but damnit. 0 Comments
08 Apr sleep, at 9:40 a.m. 0 Comments
08 Apr so it went from a 10 to a 7 on wed. 0 Comments

July 2016

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