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Entries in August 2012
07 Aug can't stop crying- I'm broken 3 Comments
04 Aug Mistakes and the game of life 0 Comments
Entries in July 2012
18 Jul Woke up to old flashbacks, minor trigger warning 2 Comments
12 Jul Feeling sad tonight 3 Comments
02 Jul Saw my abuser last night and I'm still in one piece (sort of) 4 Comments
Entries in June 2012
29 Jun Trying to embrace the beauty in hope 2 Comments
20 Jun Just found out I will see my abuser in less than two weeks for the first time 3 Comments
19 Jun I've had enough 4 Comments
13 Jun I've remembered more of what he did to me- possible trigger 3 Comments
11 Jun Running through quicksand until I disappear 5 Comments
10 Jun Fed up with my so called mother 0 Comments
06 Jun Brief graphic flashback 3 Comments
Entries in May 2012
28 May angry texts from my ex 4 Comments
22 May Love DOESN'T conquer all 2 Comments
18 May Dealing with the first stage of divorce 1 Comments
17 May Feeling trapped in a dark place 0 Comments
15 May My heart is shattered 2 Comments
13 May I feel like my life is over- trigger warning 1 Comments
10 May Anyone have a spare hug? :( 3 Comments
10 May Anyone have a spare hug? :( 3 Comments
07 May I hope I'm not too late 5 Comments
03 May I want to be free 4 Comments
03 May My life is getting ridiculous 0 Comments
01 May Regrets 0 Comments
Entries in April 2012
27 Apr Bird mites- please help! 2 Comments
23 Apr Hope to God I'm wrong but doubt it 1 Comments
18 Apr Bending with the wind and left behind- a little bit of me 2 Comments
16 Apr Why won't they listen? Just want a hug :( 4 Comments
Entries in March 2012
29 Mar Being tested by more flashbacks 1 Comments
16 Mar Finally told a therapist for the first time what happened 5 Comments
Entries in February 2012
27 Feb The people we would have been 4 Comments
24 Feb My dream last night 0 Comments
Entries in January 2012
02 Jan Near breaking point 2 Comments
01 Jan Update on robbery 0 Comments
Entries in December 2011
29 Dec My soul is exhausted 0 Comments
27 Dec Bitterly disappointed 3 Comments
22 Dec another terrible memory 3 Comments
18 Dec Panic attacks 2 Comments
05 Dec Small flashback 1 Comments
02 Dec Heartbreak, psychics, and more pain than I can take 2 Comments
Entries in November 2011
24 Nov Sorry to the little girl I was 3 Comments
15 Nov Sick to my stomach 4 Comments
06 Nov Sad and frustrated by flashbacks 3 Comments
Entries in October 2011
11 Oct Need Advice 2 Comments
Entries in September 2011
30 Sep Memories 1 Comments
30 Sep Make us stronger? 1 Comments
26 Sep When it rains it pours 2 Comments
25 Sep Feeling drained and sad 1 Comments
23 Sep Lost in a sea of despair 0 Comments

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