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In the Corner of my Brain

Posted by raw&burnt , in Stream Of Thought. 07 May 2012 · 94 views

I've always had this abstract summation about the stupid incident that happened 14.5 years ago. In my building, all the people who didn't believe me, all those who told themselves that the rapist was a decent guy, I've come up with this: They were a bunch of straight, sexually frustrated men who supported another sexually frustrated straight m...


This Was Bound to Happen

Posted by raw&burnt , in Stream Of Thought. 17 January 2012 · 132 views

With all of these "Shit Girls Say" videos and their off shoots, it was bound to happen that one about r@pe victims would come about. I've had these things said to me and in so many different forms. I wonder how ignorant or lacking in knowledge I was before it happened to me? The only thing I can take away from it is that I know the horror of i...


Other Writings

Posted by raw&burnt , in Stream Of Thought. 16 June 2011 · 86 views

I've discovered a website called, 750 Words and it's been great. No, I won't trade in Pandy's for that site, but it has been a great brain dump there. It's totally anonymous and you earn badges there. I'm not explaining it properly.
It's better if I just give you a link to it here .
I've been writing there every day since...


Last Wednesday.

Posted by raw&burnt , in Stream Of Thought. 09 December 2010 · 45 views

My dad had a seizure in October, stayed at the hospital for 39 days until the doctors couldn't do anything more. My dad wasn't waking up or coming to. He'd been unconscious the whole time he was there. Last Wednesday, with my mom, brother, Aunt and Uncle, and myself, we watched as morphine was injected in him before he was unplugged and reliev...


I Wish!

Posted by raw&burnt , in Stream Of Thought. 19 March 2010 · 48 views

I wish I told my entire story to everyone so they'd know the truth.
I wish I was stronger against all the ignorance and disrespect.
I wish I took him to court even when the detectives said they'd have to go through my journals and that I'd have to find others to vouch for me in court.
I wished I had more guts throughout the whole thing.
I can...


Nothing Happened

Posted by raw&burnt , in Stream Of Thought. 21 February 2010 · 100 views

I was at work yesterday for a few hours that almost seem like I don't need to travel the whole hour to get there. When I'd finished, I checked my phone and a theatre producer called and left a message. I did a show a few weeks ago, not expecting a huge pay cheque, but she called saying I had some money. I wanted to get to a film premiere anyway, b...

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