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Poems by butterflyWings


My Existance

Posted by butterflyWings2 , 02 May 2014 · 56 views

My Existance My Existence

In the warmth
of a hot August Evening
I became aware of it
my own existence
I had not noticed it before
when Spring was young
morning dew
gently kissed
budding petals
when the songbirds
sang of love
and the sun rose
slowly and steadily
I was not there then
when Summer heat scorched
and the pavement scorched
was I there and no-one...


Broken Wings

Posted by butterflyWings2 , 02 May 2014 · 44 views

Broken Wings Broken Wings
they took away my freedom
they took away my hope
they've kept me in this darkness
where I've had to learn to cope
I've lived with constant guilt & shame
It's been hard to hold my head up high
the victim always bares the blame
can someone tell me why?
they knew that it was wrong
I was not theirs to take
but it w...


In The Form of a Pill (drugged and raped by a friend)

Posted by butterflyWings2 , 02 May 2014 · 72 views

In the Form of a Pill
I close my eyes
the misty night air
tightens in my throat
I gasp
reliving you like a desperate lyric
reverberating over and over again
that night
a malignancy stained
into the fundamental existence
of trusting ignorance
a chartreuse soul
reading scarlet letters
and blaming myself
for y...


Who Am I?

Posted by butterflyWings2 , 02 May 2014 · 50 views

Who am I

when I look in the mirror
I wonder if you see what I see
loneliness behind empty smile
one that has been hurt so many times
sitting in waiting
for the next mirage to fade
into the shadows behind chestnut eyes
glazed by pain and self doubt
hollow words and broken promises
bring little refuge to a woman
whose childhood was rippe...


Silence Becomes Her

Posted by butterflyWings2 , 02 May 2014 · 31 views

Depression overcomes me
I fall once again into the abyss of silence
Sometimes pain of things unknown
Far worse then that which have been revealed
I want to write about it, about all of it..
I need to put down what the mind has erased
But I cannot even see, think or feel anything but blank
Dead scroll memories buried deep within taunt me

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    Who Am I?
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