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The Fires Burn

Posted by Alive2Thrive , 15 November 2013 · 199 views

Hot fiery tears roll down my face. Anger, sadness, frustration are the fires that burn with in me. I want to do so many things to make all of them go out except not in a positive way, Too much. I wrote in my journal today everything that is going on and I am wondering how I am even standing right now. I want to quit. Take everything and throw it out the w...


Voices from the past

Posted by Alive2Thrive , 04 November 2013 · 201 views

Hear the voices of my family when I tried to tell them what my ex was doing to me. "You brought this on yourself. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it. Some men just like rough sex, You got one of them. Now deal with it and stop complaining."
I turned to them. My mom, my grandparents. I went to them. I asked for their help and this is what I go...


Another HUGE memory at the surfaced

Posted by Alive2Thrive , 27 October 2013 · 169 views

I was doing really good, I thought. I had such a sense of accomplishment going into the weekend. This memory came up in therapy last week. I have not mentioned it cause I don't want to accept that it really happened. I, personally, had not heard of it before which makes it even harder for me to believe. Yet, T told me that I was "set up" for i...


Fearing the weekend

Posted by Alive2Thrive , 25 October 2013 · 142 views

Weekends are the worst for me. I can't stand the anxiety I feel as they approach. I know it has been years and years but there is always this deep down "worry" for lack of a better word. Maybe apprehension is a better word. One would think that after so much time of being "safe" that feeling of apprehension would go away. I get stomach...


A Victory is A Victory

Posted by Alive2Thrive , 24 October 2013 · 170 views

Is it bad to feel happy when everyone else seems to be sad? It causes me to feel bad cause everyone else is sad and I am feeling if not happy then peaceful for a change. Feeling up seems to be so contradictory to the way I should be feeling...
But I can't help it! What happened today and the way it happened, I don't think I could have planned...

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