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Long time

Posted by blueboots21 , 27 January 2015 · 91 views

So, it's been a very long time since I've written an entry so here it goes.
It's been, almost 2 years since my abuser was put in jail. Since then, my relationship with my mother went from very bad to being very close. I found my own way and in doing so I met my, now, husband, who supported me through my healing process. I finished school, passed my...



Posted by blueboots21 , 15 July 2013 · 114 views

So, about Tuesday of last week will be my 4th attempt to quit talking to my adopted father, aka abuser. I know I shouldn't be talking to him at all since its only been a little over 3 months since his arrest and that's not near enough time to sort through everything and fix myself, but my Grandma thinks I should and my Mom does too...to a smaller...



Posted by blueboots21 , 07 July 2013 · 106 views

So...my mom said awhile back that she wasn't going to tell me to talk to my adopted-father (abuser). BUTTTT...this morning, she said that she couldn't get him off wanting to talk to me and that she wanted me to just talk to him. Hmmm, talking in circles much? Oh and she told me how when he was first arrested, she tried to cut him off completely, t...



Posted by blueboots21 , 01 July 2013 · 162 views

How do you learn to love yourself?

To see your beauty?

How do you learn how to pick yourself up?

To have more confidence?

I have people telling me I'm beautiful and amazing but...how do I accept that when I, myself, don't completely believe it?

There's a guy in my life right now and he knows my situation and he believes that he can make...


Song stuck in my head

Posted by blueboots21 , 26 June 2013 · 104 views

"and every tear that had to fall from my eyes. and every day i wondered how I'd get through the night. Every change life has thrown me. I'm thankful for every break in my heart. I'm grateful for every scar" -Lessons Learned by Carrie Underwood

I love this song because I wouldn't want to be anywhere but where I am today..regardless...

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