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Spring cleaning turned into trip down nightmare lane

Posted by Brian09 , 30 March 2015 · 140 views

Since spring is here, I though I might as well do some spring cleaning. Took out some spring clothing out of the attic and took most of my heavy coats up.
As I was going through the clothes I might toss out because they were out of style and the clothes I was going to keep, I ran into a some very old clothes. I found the clothes from when I was 6.
I didn'...


Finally started therapy but not going as I had planned.

Posted by Brian09 , 29 March 2015 · 195 views

You know how sometimes you picture something in your mind and when it comes a reality, it is not always what you expected?
Well that is therapy for me at this moment.
I finally decided to get help. Took me a very long time to do this. I'm not sure if picking a male therapist might have been the best decision, considering. But I thought I connected with hi...

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