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Here's to finding some happiness

Posted by Ava77 , 16 October 2015 · 64 views

I'm so sick of people taking the piss constantly.
Today has been so draining. Having to go all over the place for everyone else. Struggling to cope with everything on my own. Then when I ask for help I get a glass of water slung in the sink whilst I was at the sink washing up, and told would it be too much to ask that I just have five minutes on my bum to...


In a single moment!

Posted by Ava77 , 22 February 2013 · 66 views

I'm a mess.

I'm up, I'm down.
Happy and Sad,
Scared and Angry.

Crying, Manic
Tense then relaxed.

Words and feelings whirling and swirling around in my head.
Everything scrambled and not making sense.

I want to be around people, but only so I don't feel alone.
I don't want to talk, I only want to listen,
I want to feel but at th...

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