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And Wild To Hold


So so so tired (TW - mention of suicide)

Posted by Lilaea , 24 January 2013 · 45 views

I'm not sure what to do. I'm really not. Because there's a friend I love but she appears to have decided I've lied about lots of things. Not the abuse, actually, not the mental health problems but about being biracial. Which I'm not. I'm not. And I hate that she thinks that. I hate that she thinks I'm deliberately thoughtless w...


Venting And Needy :(

Posted by Lilaea , 22 January 2013 · 49 views

[trigger]I think everything is downswing right now

Today is really hard. I had to pull out of dog sitting my landlords dog because right now I'm so anxious that I'm useless and I'm going to mess things up and hurt her (dog) that I just cannot do it. And I'm feeling really really sick inside because a friend was interrogating me about my...

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