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The Beauty in the Storm


Dilemma of written word. Please help.

Posted by BelleStorm , 14 January 2013 · 51 views

I feel like, if I were to write what happened to me down- to really set it in stone out there on the internet, then, then there's no going back. Then it really did happen to me, not just the me I separate myself from- the abused me- but all of me. It all happened to me.

I changed my name when I turned 10, and although I have suffered since then, the...


All I know

Posted by BelleStorm , 13 January 2013 · 29 views

All I know, is that what's happened throughout my life, should not have happened.
I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it. Yet it happened. Explain that.
The abuse- horrific, too much, too many, too sad.
The loss- unbearable, too soon, too steadfast.

However, I will say this; yes, my father should not have done what he did, nor his friends, nor...

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