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Reaching out to help someone else

Posted by Btappan , 02 April 2013 · 33 views

It's come to my knowledge that someone needs me, I need to take this person under my wing and help. I'm now a "Pandys mom"! It's a title that I'm very proud of! This person is young enough to be my child and if it was my own I'd do the same. I have this heaviness in my heart for this person and I just felt the need to r...


The trial is moving forward

Posted by Btappan , 09 March 2013 · 36 views

Well everything has been at a standstill for 4 1/2 years until now! My lawyer had to summons my "aunt" (I'll call her Barb), to give her deposition in court. Barb was supposed to go to court on 2 separate occasions but she didn't show, the court granted failure to appear for both dates. She is being her own lawyer! She really think...


Is being insecure normal?

Posted by Btappan , 02 February 2013 · 43 views

Ok, I know I've been complaining and complaining but here's more! After several arguments with my husband of almost 18 years about his time he spends on Instagram I feel another argument coming on. A couple weeks ago we had a big argument over IG again, he's on it all the time, it's like his other life that I know NOTHING about. I'...


Try to stay strong thru all that's going on

Posted by Btappan , 28 January 2013 · 35 views

Well I'm trying to stay strong even tho my law suit isn't going very well. I'm suing my dead molesters estate, his wife is my fathers sister whom we are in business with. She's got most of the extended family believing that I've made up this whole story. What would I have to gain? Most of my family doesn't speak to me, that's n...


Just another Sunday

Posted by Btappan , 13 January 2013 · 27 views

It's Sunday, the Patriots are on today! I always feel great when they are on because my mind is only on the game. It sounds funny that a female and a mom is so into football but its my escape! I clean the house before the game, put on music while doing so and I'm brought to a happy place. I never thought that I would be able to find a happ...

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