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One Day at a Time



Posted by one.day. , in Here and Now - my story, Its all in the Past? - my story, Rambles 25 May 2013 · 94 views

But I'm hungry. We can't go any more days without.
Look I'm trying my best but we will have to wait.
How long?
We are all hungry. It's not just you. You never ate before so what do you care? Everything is always about you.
Look, just leave her alone Craig. You've been horrible to her since we left, it's not her fault.
Well you two...


Triggered Again (t maybe)

Posted by one.day. , in Here and Now - my story 02 April 2013 · 87 views

I just want it to go away. I felt so triggered. I still do but its easing a little. I haven't slept for days but I'm so tired.

I finally visited the hospital last night. Everything is okay. I couldn't bring myself to say what happened. I don't know if they believed me.

No one said anything nasty. Just one young nurse asked how much ha...


From: He stole my chance. *t*

Posted by one.day. , in Here and Now - my story, Its all in the Past? - my story, Rambles 29 December 2012 · 71 views

I wish things could be different, I wish I could hear you, watch you grow. I take comfort in knowing you and being looked after by my big sister in a better place. I bet you are a spolit little thing, dressed head to toe in pink and repeating god only knows what swears that fall out of my sisters mouth. I hope you know you were loved and still are. I have...

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