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Revisiting again

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 08 October 2014 · 24 views

I'm supposed to revisit it over and over again until the effects dissipate,
Until the pain is just a memory.
Until I feel nothing,
when looking at the something.
THat something that holds so much power,
Covered in disgust a dhorror,
and pain and gore,
I just want out.
How am I suppossed to revisit this?
How am I supposed to let this go?
As this thing trie...


Little boys

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 24 May 2014 · 76 views

So you're big men now,
Focused on futures,
Lives filled with fascinations and cares.
So you're big men now,
So your crimes become mistakes,
Your old hurts,
Your present pain.

But I'm a woman now.
Shouldn't my shining lights be brighter?
Instead I'm spun in the web of your old crime,
Filled with thoughts of my own mistakes,
Trusting y...


No one, no anger

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 08 February 2014 · 50 views

And no one's in your shadow
In your corner,
Hovering nearby,
Waiting in wonder,
Just in case,
You need the careful embrace of a would be stranger
Or the fencing of of some unseeming danger,
No one.
There's no anger.
No subtle conclusion,
That this was a grave injustice done,
That this is important enough to be crucified till it's victory is squeezed...


United maladies

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry, Personal 27 November 2013 · 118 views

A malady, *
Isn't that what it's called?
That you can relate to this tragedy,
My downfall? *
I'm trying not to cry at the beautiful sighs,
And joint hugs,*
Holding hands,
Comfort swinging from left to right,
Like a pendulum,
No home,*
No rest,
Both deserved,*
A joint test,
Just a malady,*
This isn't one on one. *
This isn't focused fixing.
And I'm...


How do you do it?

Posted by Simpletruth , in Personal, Poetry 18 November 2013 · 111 views

Because I can't.
I can't do normal.
Or pessimistic.
Or confused.
I can only do,
Okay enough so no one asks questions.
Fine enough so no one sees scars.
So tell me.
How do you do it?
And I'm sitting here,
In this unprotected room,
Wondering how people just sleep.
How do they do that?
So I try not to think about it.
My lack of air,
My failing mental faculti...



Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry, Personal 11 November 2013 · 97 views

Because maybe if I start listening to that song,
I won't stop.
Maybe it'll be so unbelievably true,
And I'm not pretending
And this is not a rebound,
Maybe I'm truly in love with you.
Or maybe I'm still in pain looking for someone to lick open wounds,
And make me feel less alone.
Can both me true?
I'm so wrapped up in messy sheets that I can't se...


Tell me truth: (four word rhyme)

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 04 November 2013 · 164 views

I'm not a screamer,*
But I'm definitely loud,
I'm asking you to take these walls down,*
And let it all fall out,
Into the open,*
Pour out from the skies,
Out of your mouth*
I am waiting,
To hear you.
So please do not worry,*
About people and gore,
I'm staying right here,*
Keeping you close,
A look into your eyes,*
And a kiss upon your nose.



Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 29 October 2013 · 160 views

How do you stare the scene of a robbery in it's face?
Because I'm looking in the mirror and I can't seem to find a place,
My eyes lingering,
Not able to land,
I'm not screaming,
Just standing.
You're a walking mine field,
A walking crime scene,
And I'm asking,
How do you let being broken go?
When you can't love someone because you're scared?



Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 09 October 2013 · 122 views

Large words and long lines,
But I'm too much,
For your too much,
Harsh truths about where you lie,
And you're exposed.
No one is coming to get you.
You take what you get,
You make what you get,
You manipulate till you get,
Because no one is bringing you a thing.
So you're clinging to safety,
Whether it makes sense or not,
You never stopped to...


It's time for honesty :

Posted by Simpletruth , in Poetry 19 September 2013 · 84 views

You're like a child.
And this one's six.
You're moping about attention,
But you don't deserve it.
Screaming silently.
If I'd listened to the truth,
I'd know that this isn't about him,
It's about you.
I'm remembering those days,
The realization,
The fear,
The backing away slowly,
Knowing that you aren't there,
The ba...

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