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I have no idea of a title....

Posted by oma , 27 August 2012 · 115 views

Life is a series of events that has been given to us. Is it possible to change that design. Or do we just 'think' we are changing the course of events on the roads we travel. All the twists, turns and mountains we climb... An illusion... A belief that we do 'change' or 'can' change our journey. Fooling ourselves into believing in s...


no words, no voice, no importance :/

Posted by oma , 28 July 2012 · 110 views

Angels above the darkened sky
Behold the forces of demon eyes
Hear my voice
That no longer carries in the wind
Upon an alter they do win
Heavens not to far away
From the gates of hell
To an open door way
Every beat of my heart coincide
with every tear that falls.
Every ounce of who I am coincide
with every thing that you are.
Every second I live coinc...


serious question..

Posted by oma , 12 July 2012 · 80 views

Is it normal to feel yourself closing off the world around you. That you are pushing away all those that care about you, and it doesn't matter to you?
Because I do not understand what is happening to me.
Yes I have pushed people away and closed off before, but not like this... :confused:


Not going to be a good day!

Posted by oma , 11 July 2012 · 91 views

:angry: I know for a fact I will not hold my tongue when they show up. The anger and hate that festers in me is beyond all reasoning. What they have done, what they continue to do... or lack of doing and now this...
I am small, I am mean, and I am irish, and I am a scorpio.. Add them together and you have a tiny ball of fury!
Jessicas ( my 15 years...


human condition..

Posted by oma , 25 June 2012 · 124 views

I was a creature who did not feel. Walking through life wired for sound, waiting for the next chain of events that brought with it untold stories. A journey built on numbness and guarded by walls. Only to allow enough light to seep through to see the dawn of yet another day. I remind myself of the masked creatures of the movie 'The wall', By pink...


june 13th

Posted by oma , 13 June 2012 · 130 views

Alight, note to self...

Safe haven.. To busy..
W. Michigan Rave.. no answer in over a week and a half.
Y.. Lakeshia sent me more resources, but states shes helpless..
Carmen, no word from the emails I have sent out..
Project hope, No reply yet, after a week.
Alison from EDU, answered, but cannot help unless I can use a phone, and get down there onc...



Posted by oma , 30 April 2012 · 70 views

I know a blog is to kinda journal whats up in life. But I am looking at it in the standpoint of marking days these mornons once again do not do their jobs!! I am angery that the world and those in it can be so cruel, so one sided, and so ................... can't say it or I will be swearing till I hit the wall..

I so dislike O county polic...

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