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is it just me?

Posted by catsinspace , 17 January 2013 · 41 views

Stop using rape as a description when it is not rape you are describing


“that bill raped my bank account”

How about demolished, sank, destroyed, even “killed” would be better, and there are so many more words!!!

Your bank account was not sexually assaulted. It is not tasteful nor intelligent to casually compare financial problems...



Posted by catsinspace , 08 August 2012 · 33 views

So many emotions right now that I can't talk to anyone about. I know there are no black and white answers to anything, no hand book either. Another huge fight with my boyfriend...This time I really have no clue what to do or how to feel. He got so upset with me because I feel guilty my abuser is homeless now, I didn't really choose to have that re...


mental disorder?

Posted by catsinspace , 22 June 2012 · 29 views

What a month it's been... I left off saying I was going to start making changes to be independent. I started working out and trying to watch what I eat. This wasn't for weight loss but more for feeling better and less exhausted. My boyfriend and I had a huge fight last month about his problem chatting up girls online, there wasn't much solutio...



Posted by catsinspace , 21 May 2012 · 34 views

I'm going to do at least 1 thing a day to become more independent. What I'm going to do or how I'm going to do it is beyond me at this point... But something's gotta give.


positive thinking

Posted by catsinspace , 15 May 2012 · 30 views

It's been a while since I stopped going to therapy. After talking to my old therapist one last time I decided I need to speak to someone with more experience, I don't think the woman appointed to me was a good fit. I'm not upset about it anymore, in fact I've been searching for a therapist who specializes in sex abuse/mood disorders. This...


trying again

Posted by catsinspace , 18 March 2012 · 48 views

I've calmed down a lot since the last time I was on the forums. I'm going to try and talk all of my frustrations out with my therapist over the phone or maybe in person if I can still go back to therapy. When I have a really hard time understanding how I feel and what I want to say I resort to an unnecessary amount of anger, which only hurts me in...


don't even know

Posted by catsinspace , 16 March 2012 · 14 views

Yesterday I didn't show up for therapy again, I'm not sure if I'm disappointed in myself or if it really wasn't the right thing to be doing at the moment. One thing is for sure, I don't feel good about it. I don't think I was gaining anything out of it other than talking to someone about how stressed I am. At first it was really he...


getting evicted

Posted by catsinspace , 17 January 2012 · 35 views

I'm so upset and I don't know what to do. My boyfriend and I moved into our first apartment about a year and a half ago. The apartment looked dated even before I rented it but the landlord said the only problem was the deck, which he fixed before we moved in. Besides some superficial things it looked like a cute "vintage" style place. Litt...


first day of therapy

Posted by catsinspace , 03 January 2012 · 17 views

It's my first day of therapy and I have a lot of aggression towards my mother to get out. I don't want to walk in and explode on the poor woman...So I wrote a letter to my mother. I'll never send it to her but it felt really good getting it all out. I've changed all the names to (boyfriend) or (current step-dad) just to help anyone reading...



Posted by catsinspace , 28 December 2011 · 23 views

This year I've learned a great deal about standing up for myself in a constructive way. My MO has always been to pretend nothing bothered me and then explode at the slightest thing. Obviously this led to many toxic relationships and ruined friendships, having healthy boundaries is so important.

Last year I "dumped" a friend who changed a lot...

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