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Life Goals

Posted by loveinflames , 26 October 2011 · 193 views

About nine months ago I was feeling really stuck in a stagnant depression. I was becoming seriously suicidal, as it seem that I often do, and I sat down at the kitchen table and made a list of what it would take for this whole struggle to be worth it for me, basically where I want to be at the end of all this healing crap.

It looks like I am still depre...



Posted by loveinflames , 24 June 2011 · 150 views

It has been hypothesized that the mobius snail is the shape of the universe.

You see, the only way the serpent can eat itself it to have a place of unconsciousness in the middle. Or else it would know it ate itself, and the game would be over. The only way to have consciousness is unconsciousness, just ask dark is to light and up is to down. Between live...


Dear Ex-Bestfriend

Posted by loveinflames , 29 May 2011 · 117 views

I have written many of these letters to you, and left them tucked into various corners of the internet where you would never find them, like messages in a bottle.

I don't know if I left you or if you left me. It was just like that summer, where you made me leave you. You were falling from the person I met. I felt like I had always known you and lov...


first blog!

Posted by loveinflames , 01 April 2011 · 186 views

hi everybody!

over the past few months I've become increasingly more involved here on pandy's. It's amazing to be part of such a supportive community of such amazing people. I would really like to connect with more survivors - I miss having friends, but I don't think I could ever reconnect with emotional intimacy/honesty with my non-s...

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