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As it Stands today


What am I thinking?

Posted by bj_bear , in how do i even begin? 10 November 2010 · 87 views

The number one reason I've abandoned online blogging in the past was because it's like I'm two different women sometimes. I write an entry one day (in the middle of a depressive episode) and I come back a few days later and wonder who wrote that stuff.

I'm thinking that right now.

If you read my diary you'd think I never laugh or...


am i real?

Posted by bj_bear , in how do i even begin? 06 November 2010 · 100 views

I slept in today. Drifted through my day accomplishing nothing. Not at all different from most weekends. Friends invited me out for next weekend and I expect to decline that in favor of repeating this lonely, lowering, withdrawn weekend. I can't go out with them regularly they are younger, happier and untouched by trauma - or so they seem, but the...

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