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As it Stands today


When it ends

Posted by bj_bear , in WTF 21 June 2012 · 100 views

I keep wondering when it ends.

When will I stop...crying, hurting, longing to be normal and just BE normal?

My life right now is becoming unmanageable - I cannot see a way out of this.
I want to hope and every once in awhile I do hope. But, most days are a nightmare. I couldn't even say why. I'm not reliving my past pain - I am pain. I jus...


RAGE - Might be a Trigger :(

Posted by bj_bear , in WTF 25 October 2010 · 22 views

I'm so angry. I'm so tired of being angry. I can't see a better world - I can't see a time when the world won't be this way.

Dealing with my mom. Visiting her - taking care of her was going okay - but I'm sick of people's suggestions or comments. They just don't get it. The ones that are aware of my bad childhood (al...

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