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Still fighting

Posted by Iammealways , 07 October 2010 · 118 views

I am okay. I have my days. My perpetrator is still trying to convince me it wasn't rape. Lots of messed up stuff was told to me as a kid, and I'm fighting that off now. Having trust issues. Feeling afraid that I will get hurt again. My therapist is mad at me for crying about it. Feeling confused. My parents left me when I was young as well...


Feeling Content/at peace

Posted by Iammealways , 04 October 2010 · 122 views

I just wanted to say I am taking a new perspective. I am at a good place in my healing and with you all well with yours.


Different Perspective/Realization

Posted by Iammealways , 02 October 2010 · 122 views

I realized that I have been blaming myself for a long about things I can't control. I had been passive in my life, allowing others to get to me. I tried being nice, or tried to fix things, but now realize, I don't have to have respect for those who are not respecting me. Both of my mothers told me not to be someone's doormat. Maybe because...


Interesting Twist

Posted by Iammealways , 01 October 2010 · 183 views

So, my perpetrator is mad that I found a guy who treats me well. For some reason, he wants to keep me in miserable shape because then it justifies his actions. Oh, yeah, and the asshole father that I have said he would help him. But I am stronger than that. Apparently, my perpetrator has issues. Not sinking down to his level. I can fight off what he...


I think we all can relate

Posted by Iammealways , 30 September 2010 · 141 views

I am so happy to be here helping others deal with these issues. I actually am looking back at things, reflecting on things, and even though it is painful, I am proud of myself for dealing with things, and proud of others here, who are trying their best to heal too. I think the hardest part in my life was the mental and emotional wounds that I didn't...


Doing well

Posted by Iammealways , 29 September 2010 · 71 views

It is difficult, but started to reclaim myself again. Felt some unpleasant emotions while in t, but am looking at PTSD, what to do about it and stuff like that. Considering going back for a new semester, as well as options with employment. Doing small things I enjoy right now. I don't know how things will go, but am moving towards my life, and ow...


I think we all can relate

Posted by Iammealways , 15 September 2010 · 71 views

Hi there fellow survivors. My story is that I went on many years in denial or pretending that what happened to me wasn't significant. After it happened, I just said everything was okay I'm fine. I guess it didn't hit me until years later. The reason I have thought about it lately, is because I didn't think it had an effect on me as much...

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