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For December



Posted by xRainx , in poem 09 May 2011 · 40 views

I cut my hair
It was long
Every beautician
I've ever had
said so
Now it's short
less manageable

But I cut my hair
Because it was
a part of a look
that he found pretty
And I couldn't stand
being her


Walk Away

Posted by xRainx , in poem 05 November 2010 · 47 views

I'm sorry, but
I can't be fixed
I'm falling into pieces
fine as shards of glass
washing away
on currents so swift
You can try
catch me if you can
But I'm sorry
I can't be fixed
No matter what I do
no matter what I've tried
I'll float away
on breezes, be carried
like specks of dust
You can breathe me
if you want
But I feel...


June 17, 2010: Angel

Posted by xRainx , in poem, backdated entry 04 November 2010 · 34 views

I thought the medicine would help,

but I still want to kill myself.

How do I say goodbye?

I want someone to hold me as I cry
not tell me it's going to be okay
You can't fix me
I have to fix me
So please,
just lie next to me
hold me
and help me fall asleep...

Bells don't ring
for bells with broken wings
can't lift off t...


March 18, 2010: Lines

Posted by xRainx , in backdated entry, poem 04 November 2010 · 30 views


The vertical lines on my wrist feel like guitar strings. If I stroke them, what song will they play? A sweet soft melody or something angry, something sad?


Janurary 4, 2010: Trash

Posted by xRainx , in backdated entry, poem 04 November 2010 · 34 views


I didn't ask for this
I didn't want his penis inside of me
a stranger, a boy I didn't know
didn't love, didn't even have the decency
to get to know me
no, just put it in and have his fun
and I was just a vessel
for him to put his cum


December 10, 2009

Posted by xRainx , in poem, backdated entry 04 November 2010 · 37 views


I'm trying to get it out
But it's gasp
and shudders
clinched fist
nails embedded in palm
I'm trying to get it out
more than a few tears
more than a few moments
of composure
more than a few syllabus
a few disconnected lines
I'm trying to get it out
I'm trying to get him out

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