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All this joy, All this sorrow


the wild child inside

Posted by Gwynna , 01 November 2012 · 71 views

So she hides. Really she was caged up. Put into a terrible cage by evil parents. They tricked her into believeing that she belonged there. She has stayed there
all these 40 some years. I am the one who is supposed to let her out, but, she is waiting for mom or dad. Mom and dad are gone. The heroine has to be me. This is so hard.


waiting for the miracle

Posted by Gwynna , 28 October 2012 · 68 views

This reminds of a song by Leonard Cohen. So much of his music takes my breath away, in the sense that it gets me in the stomach. I really feel, deep down, all the way to me toes. Not the shallow breathing that the abuse taught. Music often allows me to inhabit my body, if only for a few moments. And, this is what I must learn to do because I need to lose...


I felt the wind

Posted by Gwynna , 06 September 2010 · 62 views

When loss is so near, and so heavy, I have a tendency to dissociate. If left to my own devices, I could just float off the planet :)

There are times that I do what I call, scheduled dissociation........but, today, I just wanted to say that I stayed grounded even though I was in physical and emotional pain. The loss of my soul dog has been so hard for me...


from the ashes, a phoenix rises

Posted by Gwynna , 05 September 2010 · 56 views

I shall be the phoenix that rises from the ashes. I surround myself with artwork that is hopeful....strong women, mystical women, women who rise from the ashes. I am touched by life. There is so much joy and so much sorrow. Part of my support system was my dog. A loving, sensitive and gentle friend for me and all of my people inside. Only a week ago, he c...

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