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breathe MT

Posted by catmom3 , in breathe deeply, Uncategorized 20 January 2013 · 20 views

I'm in pain. my stomach is in knots. I want to puke. I told Diane my med nurse moments ago. she may have her phone off. I have other ways to reach her.


feedback appreciated; feel alone and scared

Posted by catmom3 , 24 October 2011 · 29 views

I had a body memory last night and tonight. I'm mad that I got hurt. It's such a waste of time. My body pain won't respond to ice, heat, or meds. it responded to meds a little.
I don't enjoy healing. I'm tired of hurting. It makes me sick!
I want to put this issue to bed.
I haven't showered since inpatient last week. I...


safety contract--

Posted by catmom3 , 21 October 2011 · 17 views

My safety contract is with God. I renew it every 4 hours. I just broke it. What the goddamn am I doing? I can't stand the pain anymore. I hate IP, and I had a week with no cutting! then ik get out and i return to the old habit.

I'm listening to Flyleaf, a screamo Christiaan band.
It helps to release the pentup feelings. It herlps me cry....


daily life coping skills

Posted by catmom3 , 02 August 2010 · 20 views

I feel so alone. Why does it have to hurt? The housing authority told me to call the police next time my neighbor makes up stories. My nurse suggested that I not make waves about anything and not act out if people upset me.

Someone else suggested I keep the pen or cursor moving.


can't believe it: why would she?

Posted by catmom3 , 01 August 2010 · 17 views

I just moved to a new neighborhood in June. Freeze! A part of me is ready to beat feet out of here. I'm dealing with a neighbor who talks innappropriately and peeps in my windows. I got the police involved in that. Hopefully my neighbor gets the drift.

For the past week (MT)
another neighbor has talked about nothing but my next door peeping tom...

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