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Words from the Soul


June 27th, 2011 - 7:57am

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 27 June 2011 · 71 views

Will this fog dissipate
into the trees like wild bores fleeing from danger?
Along I float with it
because I am just the wind,
like any other wisp,
I go as I please,
(and occasionally leave notes

I dreamed you'd find them there,
on the breast of the valiant oak tree,
waiting for a soul as brave as yours
to venture into the woods
where not even the str...


A Pile of Poetry

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 18 October 2010 · 66 views

In the light
hindsight explodes
or implodes or dances or screams
the reality of
I forgot to relive
memories that spin
'like the exorcist on speed'.

Through the sour waves
to the sandy shore
of believing
that smiles mean everything
to everyone.
I forgot to speak
and to listen
that cobras disbelieve.


The transce...


More Poems

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 16 September 2010 · 61 views

Isn't it interesting? There's people trying to protect you.
You say no one cares. Pretending you're unloved because you believe yourself unloveable.
But here they are, protecting you. They're holding your hand as you cry.
It's another cry. Another cry for attention I'd say.
But I'm not in your mind. Not in your body.
And I don...


Thank You Snake

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 07 September 2010 · 53 views

Thank you from my head to my toes
for putting me between a rock and
a rail of spikes that is by you
juxtaposed to my swollen, beating face.
Wrapping, wrapping a shoe lace
around my throat, to be a hanging puppet
to forget the future or my hippocampus -
cut by your eyes, waxed by your hand
and waning inside by the sun and moon.

Thank you from my heart to...


Monster & Mouse

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 17 August 2010 · 48 views

You're a monster with red hair,
and red blood, and red skin with
thick smoke shooting from your red ears,
and fake fire bursting from your red mane.
You're a monster that makes the red rain,
black with my blood and my blue pain,
purple with anger that I turn on myself.
You're a red monster with red hate...
and your red rubs off on my pink hear...


10 2009-2010 Poems

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 17 July 2010 · 44 views


In between the circumstances
of you and me are the curtains that
leave us to bleed on your sofa,
but you decree that it has to be
you and me
between the unpleasant trees.

Why do people struggle to get back into destructive relationships. I mean when the other person doesn't want to enter back into a relationship with someone, and...


10 2009 Poems

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 17 July 2010 · 45 views

I'd Rather Float

Jump headfirst into this dismal light,
a swimming pool filled by plight.
Take your shadows with you!
Those angels cursed with flight
will show you down the rabbit hole
one more time, everything is wrong.
I'm not real, you were right.
Safe for now by hurricanes bellow you
I'll drink in all of these gifts.

With some...


6 2009 Poems

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 17 July 2010 · 47 views

The Fox Howl

The day squeezed through
the nights, tainted into.
Foxes howled?
Since when or where?

"She cried and it
sounded there."
Let me explain.

never mind

When the sadness of someone you love breaks your heart..... especially when you know you caused it in ways you can't control, change, or explain. This was written after my x-g...


9 Poems from 2008-2009

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 17 July 2010 · 39 views


I am rebuilding myself from the ground up.
Everything was broken down and in crumbles.
But now I am constructing myself to be stronger-
with a concrete base and metal structure.


When Does the World Stop

It occurred to me.

When water falls from the stars,
there's no need to bring a raincoat.
When the sun i...


12 Old Poems

Posted by soulconstance , in Multiple Poems 16 July 2010 · 54 views


Is this not me,
here, stuck in spite,
living in the darkness
of my own light.
As the spirit is released
breath catches me swiftly
calling for that which
I never sought, trusting.
Love touch the light
in gleaming kiss,
stripping the spite
from this wisp.


Know Me

You don't know who I am,
but I'm here

Trigger Warning

Warning: Some of my poetry and prose may be triggering. I write just about as much about survivor issues as I do about love.
Please keep yourself safe.

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