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Used again

Posted by slb720 , 23 April 2012 · 75 views

AAGGHHH!!! :banghead: I guess it doesn't matter.

I was watching intervention and got triggered to use. Normally it doesn't happen like that. I was going to be positive this week. I didn't last one day. Instead, I gave in and took some stupid pills. It will help block everything out, but I'll feel worse tomorrow. Right now I just feel numb.

I'm trapped tonight, but maybe tomorrow will be different.

Sending you positive thoughts and energy, and hugs if okay :hug:
It does matter cause it hurt you but just think that people are crazy and get a pet they wont leave you like a goldfish there cheap and cant leave
Thank you both. I had some guinea pigs and a dog, but I couldn't take car of them. I'll consider the goldfish idea haha
Oh no what happened to your dog? And don't worry about it most everyone who is trying to go through some sort of rehab whether in a clinic or just trying to not do anything anymore will have ups and downs. For example when I tried to stop Si'ing I messed up many times and it took me a few years to finally stop. Its a learning process. There will be bumps in the road, some will be new things, some will be old pot holes that you haven't been able to fix yet. But they are going to be there and you just have to take them as a learning process. No one is perfect the fact that you where able to get even a few hours is good. Just remember its just one step at a time. Send you my best of luck and hugs! :hug: :thumbsup:
:frog: or a frog or a :cupcake: They taste good

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